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Public Attributes

ClockPart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Boolean analog
int backing_store
Boolean beeped
Boolean brief
Position centerX
Position centerY
Boolean chime
GC EraseGC
Pixel fgpixel
XFontStruct * font
XFontSet fontSet
Dimension hand_width
Pixel Hdpixel
Pixel Hipixel
XPoint * hour
Dimension hour_hand_length
XtIntervalId interval_id
Dimension minute_hand_length
int numseg
struct tm otm
int padding
char prev_time_string [STRFTIME_BUFF_SIZE]
Dimension radius
XPoint * sec
Dimension second_hand_length
Dimension second_hand_width
XPoint segbuff [SEG_BUFF_SIZE]
XPoint * segbuffptr
Boolean show_second_hand
String strftime
Boolean twentyfour
int update
Boolean utf8
Boolean utime

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file ClockP.h.

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